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Head Department of Ophthalmology, Ospedale Regionale Bellinzona, Switzerland

Current clinical practice:
Ospedale Regionale Bellinzona e Valli
6500 Bellinzona

Academic and medical training:
1982 – 1989        Medical school at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland
1990 – 1999       Residency in ophthalmology at the Jules Gonin Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland (Prof. C. Gailloud and Prof. L. Zografos)
1996                  Thesis on mitomycin C during glaucoma surgery (PD Dr. R. Faggioni)
1999 – date        Active in private practice and as head of the Ophthalmology Unit of the Ospedale Regionale Bellinzona e Valli, Bellinzona, Switzerland

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