Medical and Surgical Retina

ESASO Asia 2nd Module 2014

15 May – 18 May 2014, Singapore

07:45 Registration  
08:15 Introduction & welcome
Overview of program
Adrian Koh, Singapore
08:30 Clinical approach to assessment of macular disease Lim Tock Han, Singapore
09:15 Multimodal imaging: how can we use it in clinical practice
10:15 TEA
10:30 When to perform ICGA? How to interpret an ICG?
11:30 Dry AMD: drusen types, assessment of risk, prophylactic treatment Anat Loewenstein, Israel
12:30 LUNCH  
13:30 Diabetic retinopathy grading & classification, does systemic control matter? Anat Loewenstein, Israel
14:30 Evidence based management of Diabetic Macular Edema (DME)
15.30 TEA
15:45 Diabetic retinopathy masterclass: interactive case discussion
FRIDAY, 16 MAY 2014
08:30 Current evidence based approach to management of exudative AMD Paul Mitchell, Australia
09:30 Diagnosis and treatment of retinal angiomatous proliferation and pigment
epithelial detachment
10:30 TEA
10:45 Management of anti-VEGF non-responders
11:45 Comparison of anti-VEGF agents for AMD: how do I choose?
12:45 LUNCH  
13:30 OCT in the management of macular disorders Fumi Gomi, Japan
14:30 ICGA diagnosis of Polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV)
15:30 TEA
15:45 Clinical management of PCV
16:45 Central serous chorioretinopathy – current concepts and management
09:00 Systemic medical management of diabetic retinopathy Wong Tien Yin, Singapore
10:00 Macular complications of Pathologic Myopia: CNV, macular hole, myopic schisis  
11:00 TEA  
11:15 Myopic CNV – current treatment  
12:15 Current management of proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) – role of anti-VEGF agents Timothy Lai, Hong Kong
13:15 LUNCH  
14:00 Classification and Management of Retinal Vein Occlusions Timothy Lai, Hong Kong
15:00 Other retinal vascular diseases: parafoveal telangiectasia, radiation retinopathy, Coats disease, macroaneurysms Adrian Koh, Singapore
15:45 TEA  
16:00 RVO masterclass: interactive case discussion Timothy Lai, Hong Kong
SUNDAY, 18 MAY 2014
09:00 Vitrectomy for diabetic traction retinal detachment, tips and pitfalls Ong Sze Guan, Singapore
09:45 Peripheral retinal degenerations and retinal detachments: when to offer prophylactic treatment?
10:30 TEA
10:45 Scleral buckling for rhegmatogenous RD: indications, contraindications, pearls and pitfalls
11:30 Minimally invasive macular surgery for vitreomacular traction, epiretinal membrane
and macular hole
12:15 Summary/Closing remarks
Award of ESASO certificates
Adrian Koh, Singapore
12:30 LUNCH