Wet Labs

ESASO wetlabs are equipped with 13-15 work spaces using leading High-Communication wetlab technology. Each work space includes standard infrastructure such as a microscope incl. camera and monitor, head model, all disposable ophthalmic products, hand instruments and fresh pig eyes and/or eye models. The room itself has a teachers table, video, beamer, and storage for instruments.

Participants benefits

  • Learn new techniques from leading faculty and on latest modules provided by industry partners
  • Gain experience without pressure
  • Learn to deal with complications
  • Share knowledge while assisting your colleague to perform surgery
  • Get familiar with new products offered by different industry players
  • Benefit from hours of training without interruptions
  • Equipment is maintained by professionals

Industry partner benefits

  • Have the opportunity to provide latest devices
  • Be assured that leading ophthalmologist teach modules
  • Know that technical support experts are present to explain the devices
  • Gain leads/new customers who know their products