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Lublin Campus

Lublin Campus

In 2021, ESASO inaugurated the Lublin Campus, where education is conceptualised and tailored for the Eastern Europe ophthalmologists and residents. The Campus is primarily dedicated to cataract surgery but not only.

Auditorium & Wet Lab Facility

Training courses with ophthalmic surgical machines enhance technical skills of participants and hands-on experience in surgery using wet lab equipment. The wet-lab room is equipped with surgical machines, microscopes, and professional instruments.
Every workstation is as a small operating room.


Comfortable hotel rooms with restaurant, 5 minutes from the ESASO Campus or in the city centre.


Department of Didactics and Medical Simulation, Medical University of Lublin

Doktora Witolda Chodźki 4
20-093 Lublin , Poland

The European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology established its headquarters in Lugano, where in 2016 it inaugurated the ESASO Training Centre, a new and innovative didactic centre. A second campus was founded in Singapore, where education is conceptualised and tailored for the Asian ophthalmologists. In 2021, the ESASO Foundation inaugurated a new campus in Lublin, a perfect location thanks to its geographical position and its academic and educational profile.

The ESASO Campus in Lublin is located within the Medical Simulation Centre, whose mission is to improve medical qualifications with the use of simulation training. Trainees are given the chance to perform realistic exercises using advanced equipment, which allow them to improve the learning stage and get considerable benefits for future medical operations. The Medical Simulation Centre is dedicated to the education of medical specialists and researchers. It allows to teach in fields of paediatrics, dentistry, nursing, obstetrics, physiotherapy, and emergency medicine. In the MSC you can find: Ambulance simulator, Intensive care rooms, Operating block, Objective structured clinical examinations (OSCE) and classes with simulated patients.

ESASO introduced ophthalmology courses to what the MSC offered, with a particular focus on cataract treatments. Each ESASO module offers theoretical and practical tuition, by combining theoretical lessons and wet lab. All lessons are highly interactive.

 The ESASO Board has nominated Prof Robert Rejdak as Scientific Director.



Leading ophthalmologists from around the world contribute to ESASO’s hands-on training programme, where theoretical lessons are coupled with practical experience on advanced surgical machines.

About Lublin

Lublin is the biggest town in Eastern Poland, with a population of about 365,000 inhabitants. In its history, it has been administrative centre of the voivodship and capital of the Lublin Region.

Lublin is noted for its green spaces and a high standard of living. Its historical Old Town is one of Poland’s national monuments tracked by the National Heritage Board of Poland.

Lublin is an academic centre recognized in Poland and abroad, and the University has a rich educational offer. The city’s main assets are indeed five universities, and several other higher education institutions.

The city is the hub of bustling cultural life, with different events held annually, and attracting a wide audience.

Economically, Lublin offers a rapidly developing services sector, with favorable conditions for making profitable business. Buoyant international cooperation brings many benefits to the city’s multidimensional development, as Lublin signed agreements with numerous cities with its eastern and the western neighbours.