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Executive training courses

Executive training courses



Wet Lab

ESASO wetlabs are equipped with 116 stations equipped with all necessary tools and instruments to recreate a real-life situation participants could experience in operating rooms. Each work space includes a microscope with camera and monitor, head model, all disposable ophthalmic products, hand instruments and fresh pig eyes and/or eye models. The room itself has a teacher table, video, beamer, and storage for instruments.

Participants benefits

• Learn new techniques from leading faculty and using the latest technologies provided by ESASO industry partners
• Gain experience without pressure
• Learn to deal with complications
• Share knowledge while assisting colleagues performing surgery
• Get familiar with new products offered by different industry players
• Benefit from hours of training without interruptions

Customised Training Courses

Customised Training Courses

ESASO offers companies the possibility to train their managers or employees in the field of ophthalmology, by organising customised courses on the basis of participants’ specific needs and objectives. There are two options:

• Basic ophthalmology courses addressing companies’ managers

• Specific courses addressing both full ophthalmologists and residents; free choice of topics.

Indeed, ESASO can offer companies different kinds of courses, combining theory classes, wetlab sessions and dry-lab sessions to practice with the simulators.

Courses can be 1 to 3-day long and they are always run by the internationally renowned ESASO faculty; scientific quality of the contents is thus always very high and they can cover all ophthalmology’s subspecialties.