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14th ESASO Retina Academy


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Organisers & Contacts

ESASO Organising Committee

President of the ESASO Foundation Giuseppe Guarnaccia, Italy
Vice President of the ESASO Foundation Board Borja Corcostegui, Spain
Member of the ESASO Foundation Board Francesco Bandello, Italy

Scientific Committee

Chairman Francesco Bandello, Italy
Co-Chairs Neil M. Bressler, USA
Name TBA, Turkey
Coordinators Maurizio Battaglia-Parodi, Italy
Bruno Falcomatà, Italy

ESASO Congress Contacts

ESASO / ORGANISER c/o Università della Svizzera italiana
Via Lambertenghi 10 A
6904 Lugano, Switzerland
General Manager ESASO Gabriella Skala, Switzerland
Tel. +41 76 300 9000
Scientific Committee Coordinator Bruno Falcomatà
Tel. +39 (333) 31 35 566
Maurizio Battaglia-Parodi
Tel. +39 (340) 855 9739
Scientific Secretariat Shetal Gudka, Helen Cox
Tel. +44 208 326 3121
Logistics and Travel Management Luisa Marques, Isabel Oliveira
Tel. + 351 214 159 900

Scientific Programme

13-15 November 2014, Istanbul, Turkey


Scientific Committee
Chair: Francesco Bandello ITALY
Co-chairs: Neil M. Bressler USA, Bora Eldem TURKEY, Emin Özmert TURKEY
Co-ordinators: Bruno Falcomata ITALY, Maurizio Battaglia-Parodi ITALY

This year, the Scientific Committee have developed a dynamic and innovative scientific programme. The various formats of the sessions promise to optimise delegate learning and guarantee maximum faculty interaction. The international faculty come from leading institutions around the globe and will focus on discussing real-world cases and clinical outcomes.

Day 1 will bring together more than 280 submitted abstracts with posters, rapid-fire presentations and Young Ophthalmologist Abstract Awards. The abstract session will set the tone for our meeting and remind us all about the clinical work and research underway across the retina community. Day 2 will include four of the main plenary sessions and will provide first insights into some of the new sessions including Lectio Magistralis keynote lectures, the ESASO style debates and the additional option of MasterClass sessions. The Retinamour clinical case discussion (medical) will draw together the themes and challenges into a practical and interactive discussion to close the day. Day 3 will open with the ESASO Graduation Awards and two further plenary sessions touching on surgical management and concluding with a further Retinamour clinical case discussion (focusing on surgical) to close the meeting.

– 2 Lectio Magistralis (keynote lectures)
– 2 Retinamour clinical case discussions (medical & surgical)
– 23 plenary presentations
– 11 keypad case presentations
– 3 ESASO style debates
– 6 ESASO MasterClasses (sessions concurrent: delegates to attend one session)
– Rapid-fire presentations

– Accepted across eight categories associated with the retina
– All accepted abstracts will be published in a special edition Ophthalamologica supplement
– Selected abstracts have been invited for rapid-fire presentation

Rewarding achievement
– ESASO Poster Awards
– Young Ophthalmologist Awards
– 5th ESASO Graduation Ceremony
– XOVA Awards

E-Congress 2014

Friday, 14 November 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

Opening Ceremony – Welcome to Istanbul Francesco Bandello, Italy
Bora Eldem, Turkey
Emin Özmert, Turkey
Developments in Diabetic Macular Edema
Chairs: Susan Bressler, USA
Gisèle Soubrane, France
Frank Holz, Germany
ESASO-Style Debate Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth, Austria
OCT features predict response to treatment and visual recovery Neil Bressler, USA
Long-term follow-up of anti-VEGF for DME – what have we learned? Neil Bressler, USA
New insights on anti-VEGF for DME, proliferative diabetic retinopathy and use after vitrectomy Susan Bressler, USA
New evidence for anti-VEGF treatment of DME Francesco Bandello, Italy
Current indications for corticosteroid approach in DME Anat Loewenstein, Israel
Long-term safety of DME therapies: IOP, endophthalmitis and systemic safety Marco Zarbin, USA
Keypad case presentations
– Centre-involved DME <400µm or with excellent visual acuity Rufino Silva, Portugal
– CSME threating the fovea, but not thickening the centre point Rafael Navarro, Spain
– Bilateral centre-involved DME with visual impairment Bruno Falcomatà, Italy
– DME with vitreomacular traction Anselm Kampik, Germany
Panel discussion Panel: Francesco Bandello, Italy
Bruno Falcomatà, Italy
Anselm Kampik, Germany
Anat Loewenstein, Israel
Rafael Navarro, Spain
Rufino Silva, Portugal
Marco Zarbin, USA
eXcellence in Ophthalmology Vision Award (XOVA)
Vascular Pathologies
Chairs: Antonio Capone, USA
Emin Özmert, Turkey
Keypad case presentations
– Threshold ROP Antonio Capone, USA
– Coat’s disease Georges Caputo, France
– Macular telangiectasia Frank Holz, Germany
– Retinal cavernous haemangioma Massimo Nicolò, Italy
– Eales disease Massimo Nicolò, Italy
ME in Retinal Vein Occlusions
Chairs: José García-Arumí, Spain Anat Loewenstein, Israel
Evidence for anti-VEGF and steroid therapy Sobha Sivaprasad, UK
Alternative treatments: Laser bypass, RON, sheathotomy José García-Arumí, Spain
Keypad case presentations
– Vitreoretinal interface surgery A. Nikolakopoulos, Greece
– Refractory ME in RVO Maurizio Battaglia-Parodi, Italy
ESASO-Style Debate: Corticosteroids are more appropriate than anti-VEGFs when initiating therapy for RVO Anat Loewenstein, Israel
Paolo Lanzetta, Italy
Management of Retinal Non-perfusion
Chairs: Bora Eldem, Turkey
Anat Loewenstein, Israel
Lectio Magistralis: Neovascular glaucoma Rupert Bourne, UK
Identification and monitoring of peripheral capillary non-perfusion Francesco Bandello, Italy
The role of scatter photocoagulation in macular edema Gisèle Soubrane, France
Evidence-based management of retinal ischaemia Jordi Monés, Spain
Retinamour Clinical Case Discussion (Medical)
Case Study 1 – The role of steroids in the management of IPCV: A Case Study Aditya Sudhalkar, India
Case Study 2 – A Bilateral Serous Macular Detachment, Complicated by Choroidal Neovascular Membrane in the Left Eye of a Patient With Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia Önder Ayyildiz, Turkey
Case Study 3 – Frequent Dexamethasone Implants in Macular Edema due to Retinitis Pigmentosa Aylin Koç, Turkey
Case Study 4 – An Unusual OCT Finding In Hyper-Acute Phase Of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease Mehmet Numan Alp, Turkey
Case Study 5 – A Case with PRES Sibel Kadayifçilar, Turkey
Case Study 6 – The Retinal Riddle João Pedro Marques, Portugal
Case Study 7 – 45-Year Old White Man With Fluid Under the Macula Massimo Nicolò, Italy
Case Study 8 – Retinamour: Clinical Case 14th ESASO Retina Academy 2014 Rafael Navarro, Spain
Chair summary and close Francesco Bandello, Italy

Saturday, 15 November 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

ESASO Graduation Ceremony
ESASO Fellowship Programme
Francesco Bandello, Italy
Bruno Falcomatà, Italy
Maurizio Battaglia-Parodi, Italy Borja Corcóstegui, Spain Giuseppe Guarnaccia, Italy
Lectio Magistralis: Gene Therapy vs. Cell Therapy for Retinal Degenerative Disease Marco Zarbin, USA
Chairs: Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth, Austria
Management of CNV Bora Eldem, Turkey
Can OCT morphology predict treatment outcomes in AMD? Gisèle Soubrane, France
AMD clinical trials update Jordi Monés, Spain
Anti-VEGF therapy in ‘real-life’ clinical practice Rufino Silva, Portugal
Ranibizumab in clinical practice: The LUMINOUS global observational study Christopher Brand, UK
Shifting of anti-VEGF molecules Marco Zarbin, USA
Anti-PDGF for AMD Donald D’Amico, USA
Atrophy for anti-VEGF treatment: Local risk factors and clinical data Frank Holz, Germany
ESASO-Style Debate Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth, Austria
Is aflibercept more durable than other therapeutic agents? Marco Zarbin, USA
Vitreomacular Disorders
Chairs: Antonio Capone, USA
Borja Corcóstegui, Spain
Diagnostic definition of symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion Claudio Azzolini, Italy
Enzymatic vitreolysis: the efficacy and the limits of ocriplasmin Anselm Kampik, Germany
Classification of epiretinal membranes Emin Özmert, Turkey
Pearls, tricks and dyes for a good visualization of epiretinal membranes A. Nikolakopoulos, Greece
Vitreomacular adhesion and anti-VEGF treatment Paolo Lanzetta, Italy
Winning poster presentation Francesco Bandello, Italy
Borja Corcóstegui, Spain
Ranibizumab in diabetic macular edema: a review of arterial thromboembolic events in long-term controlled clinical trials Focke Ziemssen, Germany
Retinamour Clinical Case Discussion (Surgical) Chair: Donald D’Amico, USA
Panel: Claudio Azzolini, Italy
Antonio Capone, USA
Borja Corcóstegui, Spain
José García-Arumí, Spain
Anselm Kampik, Germany
Paolo Lanzetta, Italy
Anat Loewenstein, Israel
A. Nikolakopoulos, Greece
Emin Özmert, Turkey
Gisèle Soubrane, France
Marco Zarbin, USA
Case 1 – Foveoschisis in High Myopia Anselm Kampik, Germany
Case 2 – Enzymatic Vitreolysis with Ocriplasmin: First Experiences In Portugal João Pedro Marques, Portugal
Case 3 – Radial Maculotomy for Traumatic Macular Hole
Case 4 – Subretinal Neovascular Membrane Removal in a Young Patient
Antonio Capone, USA
Case 5 – Medical and Surgical Management of FEVR Borja Corcóstegui, Spain
Case 6 – Endoscopic-assisted Vitreoretinal Surgery Emin Özmert, Turkey
Case 7 – Small Gange Lens Removal Technique A. Nikolakopoulos, Greece
Case 8 – Inverted Flap Technique for Myopıc Macular Hole
Case 9 – Recurrent Severe PVR: Staınıng and PFCL
Jose García-Arumi, Spain
Close of Meeting Francesco Bandello, Italy

CME Survey

Satisfaction Survey & Certificate of Attendance

The 14th ESASO Retina Academy 2014 has been granted 9 European CME Credits by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

In order to claim these credits please access the survey, using your personal code printed on your congress badge.


Poster Award Winners

1st Place: Focke Ziemssen
Title: Ranibizumab in Diabetic Macular Edema: A review of arterial thromboembolic events in long-term
controlled clinical trials” (Go to Abstract 156)
Affiliation: Centre for Ophthalmology, Eberhard-Karl-University of Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Germany

2nd Place (joint): Sebastian Waldstein
Title: Predictive importance of retinal morphology on the best-corrected visual acuity outcomes of
different Ranibizumab treatment regimens for neovascular age-related macular degeneration” (Go to Abstract 162)
Affilitation: Christian-Doppler-Laboratory for Ophthalmic Image Analysis, Vienna Reading Center, Department of Ophthalmology, Vienna, Austria

2nd Place (joint): Lars-Olof Hattenbach
Title: Efficacy and safety of 0.5 mg Ranibizumab administered as intravitreal injections PRN compared
with intravitreal implant containing 0.7 mg Dexamethasone in patients with branch Retinal Vein
Occlusion over 6 months: The COMRADE-B Study” (Go to Abstract 163)
Affiliation: Klinikum Ludwigshafen, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Young Ophthalmologist

Sibel Aksoy
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul

Mine Ozturk
Haseki Training and Research Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology, Istanbul

Emine Esra Karaca
Sorgun State Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology, Yozgat


(eXcellence in Ophthalmology Vision Award)

Each year, three or more projects are awarded funding, in the form of a grant, to medical specialists who have devised non-profit, sustainable initiatives that are expected to have a significant positive impact on unmet needs in the field of ophthalmology and optometry. Winning initiatives are selected by the XOVA committee, which comprises over 30 esteemed international experts in eye health.

The winners of the XOVA Award 2014:

Hyong Kwon Kang
Myanmar Eye Care Project in partnership with the RANZCO Eye Foundation, Australia (for a project based in Myanmar)

Uday Gajiwala
Divyajyoti Trust, India (for a project based in India)

Elizabeth Kishiki
Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology, Tanzania (for a project based in Tanzania and Eastern Uganda)

Demissie Tadesse
Sight for Souls, USA (for a project based in Ethiopia)

Clare Inkster
VISION 2020 LINK Programme at the International Centre for Eye Health (ICEH), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

For more information on the XOVA programme, including details on past XOVA winners and how to apply for the award, please visit the XOVA website at

XOVA is fully sponsored by Novartis Pharma and Alcon, and led by medical specialists in the field of eye care.

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