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ESASO Forum: Innovations and current trends in cataract surgery

ESASO Forum is an educational event that focus on a particular ophthalmic pathology, with a specific approach and analysing involution.

ESASO Forum address expert ophthalmologists, who are particularly involved with the specific topic. Since they are different from congresses, with a more limited number of participants, they can become part of a wider international network and be more effective in delivering teaching and spreading the knowledge of new medical technologies.

Giuseppe Guarnaccia
ESASO Global Executive Director,
Lugano, Switzerland


Boris Malyugin
President of Russian Ophthalmology Society,
Moscow, Russia


• José L. Güell, Spain
• Mikhail Konovalov, Russia
• Boris Malyugin, Russia
• Zoltan Nagy, Hungary
• Rudy Nuijts, Netherlands
• Gabor Scharioth, Germany
• Yuri Takhtaev, Russia
• Vladimir Trubilin, Russia
• Paolo Vinciguerra, Italy


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October 19, 2017


October 21, 2017


Hotel Ucraina
Kutuzovsky Ave, 2/1, стр. 1
Moscow, 121248 Russian Federation

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