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Mastering IOL Delivery: The Key to safe and consistent outcomes. available soon on-demand on eLOS

Mastering IOL Delivery: The Key to safe and consistent outcomes

available soon on-demand on eLOS


Course Description

This course delves into the key milestones in the evolution of Intraocular lenses and injector systems. It thoroughly examines various injector systems, comparing preloaded versus non-preloaded options, addressing complications encountered during IOL implantations, and evaluating the impact of injector systems on wound integrity and post-operative surgical outcomes. Towards the conclusion, the course explores several techniques for IOL explantation in the event of an exchange. The course equips participants with a solid understanding of different delivery systems and underscores the importance of a focused approach to IOL implantation for ensuring safe and consistent outcomes

Programme: HERE

  • Significant milestones in the development of IOLs and injector systems.
  • Various categories of injector systems.
  • Comparison between preloaded and non-preloaded injector systems.
  • The crucial impact of injectors on both wound integrity and the overall outcomes of surgical procedures.
  • Challenges and complications encountered during the implantation of IOL.
  • Detailed explanation of techniques for the explantation of IOLs.

Information: More information about applications and about the course will come in the next weeks.

CME: An application has been made to the EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event.




September 17, 2023


September 17

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