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Challenges during Phacoemulsification – Iris. available soon on-demand on eLOS

Challenges during Phacoemulsification – Iris

available soon on-demand on eLOS


Course Description

This course explains the structure and functions of the iris. The following sections describe multiple issues influencing Iris as well as methods and tactics for overcoming each of these challenges. This course covers the following topics: large pupil, iris trauma, iridodialysis, small pupil, pseudoexfoliation, IFIIS, iris prolapse, iris coloboma, and iris repair and replacement. This course will well prepare everyone to deal with iris and pupil issues during their phacoemulsification journey.

Programme: HERE

a. Structure and functionalities of Iris
b. Iris issues affecting cataract surgery
c. Large pupil, Iridodialysis
d. Small pupil and Phacoemulsification
e. IFIS and floppy iris
f. Repairing and replacing iris

Information: More information about applications and about the course will come in the next weeks.

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September 17


September 17, 2024

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