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Humanitarian project

As a Foundation dedicated to eye education, ESASO aspired to help doctors and patients all around the world, providing medical education for eye care professionals in all countries.

ESASO organizes tailor-made programs to provide top-level education to communities in need, following the specific local requests. Thanks to this project, ESASO offers ophthalmologists who live in underprivileged countries (due to war, economic difficulty, political instabilities, …) the opportunity to learn how to manage specific local complications and the opportunity to improve their knowledge.

The programs can include a full educational journey in Lugano (or another ESASO Campus) or their country. After this experience, the professional would be able to treat patients and help colleagues in daily practice, creating a virtuous circle. ESASO offers several options to corporate as well as non-profit entities to demonstrate their commitment to improving high-level education within the ophthalmic field by providing financial support to the ESASO fundraising project.


Clinical studies and research

Welcome to the ESASO Plus world. We are happy you are joining us, and we would like to say a big “Thank you” for being interested in knowing more about us and considering possible support for our scientific activity.

In 2021 ESASO inaugurated a new activity and started its new adventure in the clinical studies world.
Thanks to its huge international network and its experience, ESASO Plus can support the different stages of a study by giving useful suggestions and taking care of all aspects.
ESASO Plus develops and conducts clinical trials, advisory boards, consensus meetings, and much more. All kinds of research are fundamental to support scientific and educational activity, but unfortunately, research costs a lot of money and commitment.

New interesting and innovative projects coming from the scientific or industrial community remain often unrealized due to a lack of organizational or financial resources. ESASO Plus’s purpose is to encourage stimulating studies and support their development offering its experience and helping with fundraising.
ESASO Plus and its team evaluate all the proposed projects to ensure that all scientific, financial, and ethical values of the projects are met. If all the requirements are respected, ESASO Plus can consider the project sustainable and therefore can prepare a development plan, with deadlines and a budget. At this stage, it is time to start a fundraising activity.
ESASO Plus has a variety of interesting studies that are waiting to be developed.

To learn more about all the available opportunities please contact