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Supporter & Partner Initiatives

Partnerships with international centers, hospitals, experts, no-profit entities, companies, and scientific societies are crucial to provide top-quality ophthalmic education at a global level and to ensure the necessary support to the physicians’ development for the benefit of the patients’ lives.

To reach our ambitious goals, we need the aid of international partners, with which we wish to create collaborations that can support the different aspects of our activity. Your needs are our motivation to start valuable projects.

Thank you for making ESASO a success!

We hugely value collaboration with corporates as well as non-profit entities and always look forward to new meetings and partnerships that allow ESASO to develop and train all the professionals attaining its activities, for the final benefit of the patients.

We offer a variety of training and development programs that address the educational needs of our partners. We aim to improve the professional skills of doctors by helping them boost their knowledge in the fields of ophthalmology, marketing and communication, public speaking, economics, and much more.

In addition, ESASO offers companies the possibility to train their managers or employees as well.

Companies and other entities can collaborate with ESASO in different ways.
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Be an ESASO partner

ESASO is always happy to include new partners and to start new stimulating relationships.

If you like to join the ESASO world or if you like to know more about us and all the collaboration opportunities, please send a message to

Our current partners are:

ARVO – The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
SOGSSO – The Swiss Society of Ophthalmology
KARGER “Case Reports in Ophthalmology” – An ophthalmology journal dedicated exclusively to case reports
AASRS – The Arab African Society of Retina Specialists
EVER – The European Association for Vision and Eye Research
GETOCT – The professional community about Eye Care and OCT Technology
touchOPHTHALMOLOGY – Independent information resource designed to support physicians, clinicians and related healthcare professionals in continuously developing their knowledge, effectiveness and productivity
SOU – Società Oftalmologi Universitari, President: Leonardo Mastropasqua
Associazione Pazienti Malattie Oculari –



Our partners

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