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PRECEYES Surgical System demonstration

PRECEYES Surgical System demonstration

The PRECEYES Surgical System* will be presented during the coming ESASO Intermediate and Advanced Surgical Retina course on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th of June, at the ESASO Training Centre of Lugano, Switzerland.

Participants will receive a brief introduction, training and will be able to experience the system themselves by performing a few vitreoretinal surgical simulating tasks.

Be amazed by the intuitive usage, the stability and the precision it will offer!

*Preceyes develops innovative robotic solutions to assist eye surgeons in performing the most demanding vitreoretinal surgical tasks. The PRECEYES Surgical System offers robotic assistance to control the intraocular instrument with the highest precision and stability. It enables the development of new, high-precision treatments and facilitates existing vitreoretinal surgery.