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SeeWorld Project

Helping doctors to improve their knowledge is the first step to take back the light in their patients’ life.


Donate to educate ophthalmologists in developing countries

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 285 million people are visually impaired, and 90% of these people live in low-income, developing countries.

However, 80% of reported cases could be prevented with the use of the equipment and techniques that are employed in the most developed countries.

Fund raised


Help us to complete the first scholarship

The vision of ESASO

Strengthening the capacity of local health services and professionals is a major priority.

ESASO would like to share its experience and know-how in the education of ophthalmologists to serve this purpose.

Supporting the tutoring of doctors from poor countries will enable them to get the instruments to treat their patients.

The goal is to reduce and prevent avoidable visual impairments.

The programme

ESASO would like to make it possible that some doctors from those countries benefit from the high educational standards of its Modules Programme.

The opportunity of being trained by ESASO distinguished international faculty and renowned practitioners in the field could really make a difference for them and for their patients seeking for assistance.


We need your help for doctors education programme

By donating even a small amount you can support the priviledge of getting the access to quality eye care contribute to avoid that vision impairments become incurable diseases.

Budget necessary to support 1 Healthcare Professional: 6’000 Euro
Support includes: fee, materials, travel & transfer, hotel, lunches, dinners, administration and taxes.

ESASO has an open collaboration with the association «Eyes of the world» for this Project.

EYES OF THE WORLD has found and selected the candidates to ESASO Support Program.