He obtained his degree as a Medical Doctor in 1991 and as Ophthalmology Specialist in 1995 at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He specialized in Oculoplastics at Moordfields Eye Hospital in London with Dr Richard Collins in 1996

President of the Spanish Society of Plastic Ocular and Orbital Surgery from 2007 to 2011. Chief of Oculoplastics Unit at the Hospital Vall Hebron (Autonomous University of Barcelona), from 1997 – 2016. He is the founder and currently director of the Oculoplastics Unit at the Instituto de Microcirugia Ocular (IMO)

He is Director of the Oculoplastics Module at ESASO (European School of Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology) in Lugano, Switzerland and Director of Graduate Training Program in Plastic Ocular and Orbital Surgery at IMO.

He has published many articles in international impact factor journals and collaborated in several book’s chapters in lacrimal, orbital and ophthalmic plastic surgery.