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GONZALEZ Duarte Roser

Professor of Genetics, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain

Roser Gonzàlez-Duarte is Professor of Genetics at the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Gonzàlez-Duarte graduated in Chemistry and completed her scientific education with a PhD degree in Biology.

After a postdoctoral stay in Edinburgh she joined the Faculty of Biology at the Department of Genetics (Universitat de Barcelona) where she serves as director of a research group devoted to the study of the molecular and genetic basis underlying inherited retinal degenerations.

She was chairman of the Department of Genetics (1986-1994 and 1999-2002), Director of the Masters Course in Biotechnology (1995-2005) and President of the Spanish Genetical Society (1994-1998).

At present, she is the PI of a research group whose aims are: i) to study the genetic and molecular basis of retinal dystrophies, with special emphasis on gene identification, ii) to devise DNA chips to perform high-throughput diagnosis of visual disorders and, iii) the construction of transgenic knock-out mice models for gene therapy assays.


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