1996–Ophthalmology Specialization diploma at the “G. D’Annunzio University” in Chieti, evaluation 70/70 with appreciation, discussing the thesis: “Atipic Ectopic Extradural Meningioma”;

1996-2001 orbital fellowship Hospital S Martin Buenos Aires

2001 – Search Doctor title, XIII cicle, in Biomaterial for the Orbit-plastic surgery, discussing the thesis “Biomaterial in the orbit-plastic surgery” at the Chieti University;

2001/06 – Oculistic Specialist Doctor in the “Salus clinic” in Battipaglia (Salerno);

2001/06 – Teacher at the Ophthalmology Speciality School in Chieti University; teaching Orbital_Plastic Surgery.

2008 observership at the Wills Eye Institute on the oculoplastic and orbital and neurophthlmology service.

2007/16- Specialist Consultant at the Postgraduate School of Ophthalmology, University of Chieti.

He published over 60 publications. His main research interests are oculoplastic surgery.